CGSA Prologue

Hello, this is my first project so I hope it is acceptable. I mainly use MTL and the little basic knowledge of Chinese that I know. I have no editor so please point out any mistakes I might have overlooked. No certain schedule as of yet but definitely within every 1-2 weeks.

Prologue: Agent vs Hitman

The view at night was like an inky darkness.

And amidst this view stood a luxurious British mansion.

The most striking thing in this mansion was the large swimming pool that used blue bricks for its base and covered nearly a thousand square meters. Under the faint light, a flickering illusion-like blue light can be seen on the crystalline waters.

At this very moment, two naked bodies were frantically intertwined in gleaming waters of the swimming pool.

The man has a robust build and handsome features. His thin lips spilled out a low moan of pleasure, oozing with sex appeal.

The woman has snow-white skin and particularly charming and coquettish eyes. At the moment, her eyes were closed due to lust.

However, hidden deep in those inky black eyes, there held no emotion as she laid underneath the intoxicated man. Thin delicate lips kissed the side of the man’s face and then slid down to his bobbing throat.

A silver light suddenly flashed; on the woman’s tongue was a piece of a sharp thin blade. A trace of violence flashed in the woman’s pupils before quickly disappearing. She slightly bowed her head and hardly hesitated to swipe the tip of her tongue over the man’s wheat-colored neck.

The man’s entire body trembled. He grasped his neck to see what was that strange feeling he felt on it. Then suddenly, hot red blood sprayed out between his five fingers, contaminating the blue tint of the water.

The man’s round eyes incredulously pointed towards the woman that was entangled with him but only found her disdainfully retreating from his body and looking at him with cold expressionless eyes.

“Why… I’m your fiancé…” The man was afraid of the violent glare directed at him. Indistinct words came out of his already-damaged larynx (voice box).

The woman smiled coldly, the corners of her lips slightly raised. “Because I’ve already grown tired of playing with you. Instead of forcing myself to live with you for a whole lifetime, it would be better to simply let you die.”

Once she was done speaking, she didn’t bother to linger and turned around to leave.

The man’s vision started to darken, and he slowly sunk into the water. Blood gushed out of his carotid artery, blending with the clear pool water and coloring a large area of the pool with red. The scene of his death was truly gruesome to look at.


In the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, the woman was dressed in a sexy purple nightgown. She poured herself a glass of her favorite drink (Cognac brandy) and elegantly lay down on the sofa.

Her right hand lightly held the glass and played around with it. She looked relaxed, as if the recent incident at the swimming pool had nothing to do with her.

She was exactly such a person, temperament fickle and callous, appearance pretty and seductive, personality domineering and unruly; she likes it this way. If she didn’t, then she would be completely destroyed!

“Ring, ring…” The phone on the bedside sounded.

“Hello!” She languidly stretched on top of the bed as she reached for the phone. Slender fingers pressed down on the answer button.

“Chu Ye, this is Mother. The news recently reported the death of your fiancé. Don’t be sad, Mother will find you a better…” From the other end was the voice of a middle-aged woman, but “other” sounds can be faintly heard.

Her eyebrows knitted. Chu Ye icily replied, “I’ll wait for you to finish first before we speak.”

She then threw the phone on the floor and jerkily downed her glass of wine in one go.

This is her mother; even when she was on the phone with her daughter, she still didn’t forget to be the rich upper-class woman who is in bed with her man.

As for her father, the CEO of one of the most successful corporations in the country, he should be lying next to several young female secretaries right now. He probably doesn’t even have the time to call her.

These are her parents. Back then, they were the best example of a loving couple, but now, they each look for their own lovers, and their private lives are very chaotic.

“Ding!” When the second hand pointed to 12 o’clock midnight, the European-style wall clock gave out a gentle sound.

Chu Ye, who had been leisurely lying in bed, was stunned and suddenly leaped up, changed clothes, fixed her hair, and armed herself. In just one short minute, the relaxed figure on the bed was gone and was replaced by an agent dressed in a fitting black outfit.

That’s right, Chu Ye is not just a rich daughter that everyone admires. She has a mysterious and secret identity that not even her parents know about, the CIA’s best and unsurpassed – Agent 007.

After the death of the CIA’s previous Agent 007, Qian Xie, Chu Ye was able to snatch the highly honored title of Agent 007 without much effort due to her outstanding skills, intelligence, and ability to accomplish her missions.

Although it has been said that any agent who holds the title of Agent 007 has no chance of surviving for more than 7 days, this is because 007 is usually tasked to complete the most difficult and dangerous missions.

But Chu Ye doesn’t believe in this rumor.

Regarding the previous 007 Qian Xie, Chu Ye had worked together with her in the past. She was a beautiful, smart, and somewhat mischevious girl. Her personality was completely the opposite of Chu Ye’s. However, there was one thing they had in common. That was their methods, fierce, hot, cruel, and never soft towards the enemy.

This is why deep down in her bones, she still appreciates Qian Xie.

A person wants to be a secret agent for three reasons.

First: For the country and the people, he would do anything even if they have to sacrifice his life. He would have no complaints in doing so. (This type of person is probably already extinct…)

Second: He wishes to earn a lot of money to live a comfortable life even if he has to exchange his own life for it without hesitation.

Third: He wants to experience the rush of adrenaline and madness, to reach the maximum degree of excitement he can get, even if he has to give up his own life to chase for it.

As an orphan when she was a child, Qian Xie was the second.

In contrast, Chu Ye was the third.

Chu Ye came from a rich and powerful aristocrat family. She definitely does not lack money. In the high society with its pretty exterior but rotten and chaotic interior, she lacks the hope and passion for life.

This is why, day after day, her inner desire for wildness and madness grew stronger and stronger to the point that she thought to chase that excitement by walking the line between life and death.

This time, Chu Ye’s mission was to kill an SS-level hitman sent by an international terrorist organization to deal with the president. His title is Hitman 001.

In the assassination world, the differentiation of the rankings is very strict, from the initial D-level, C-level, B-level, A-level, to the top S-level, and finally the peak-level SS-level.

The position and status of the SS-level hitman in the assassination world can be compared to that of Agent 007 in the secret service world. There can only be one person is given that title at a given time, and they are naturally considered the best at their respective jobs.

Hitman 001 was a legend even in their own hitman circles. It was rumored that he is unrivaled in terms of skill and talent and can kill 10 S-level hitmen, yet also cold as ice.

When Agent 007 meets Hitman 001, what kind of legendary battle would it be?

In the dark night, after the first gunshots could be heard, their fight officially began.

Firing with scientifically-advanced weaponry…

Creating crafty plots and schemes, and launching sneak attacks…

Incredibly quick snipe attacks…

Both of them fought from night till dawn, from downtown to the mountains, from the plains to the desert, chasing and hiding, striking and killing…

They went through 6 days and 6 nights without food, drink, rest, nor sleep, with no side able to kill the other yet and the ultimate showdown still continuing on…

There was a primitive forest densely filled with towering trees. The shrubs and bushes were everywhere, forming some sort of net, the animals were fierce, and the insects were so numerous they looked like a pile of sand. There would be no roads nor sunshine, and it would be wet, stuffy, and dusky inside the forest.

Exhausted, Chu Ye leaned back on a big tree while she vigilantly watched her surroundings, took out her rations, and carefully ate them without making too much noise.

This was because she knew that Hitman 001 was not far from her, most likely only less than 100 meters.

It was the first time she had eaten in the past 6 days; she was really hungry.

Chewing the tasteless food in her mouth, Chu Ye’s mind was now on Hitman 001 and his cold and unflustered eyes. There was also his handsome face just brimming with evil, his lips that were subconsciously slightly raised, and his fatally attractive body.

Under another large tree 50 meters away, a cold, black-clothed man also felt pretty weak and was sitting down, slowly eating his own rations in his hands. His nice lips also couldn’t help but tug up into a smile.

This was because he was similarly thinking about Chu Ye and her wild eyes that were brimming with fighting spirit. How many years had it been until he finally found a worthy rival? Suddenly, there was a feeling of not being alone.

“Hey 001, haven’t died yet?” Eventually, Chu Ye was the first to open her mouth.

Both of them have used up all of their long-range bullets in these few days of fighting. Hence, Chu Ye didn’t need to worry about her voice revealing her hiding place, nor about getting shot dead.

“You’re still not dead. How can I die?” 001’s devilishly charming voice slightly rang out.

“How can I kill you?”

“I also want to ask you this question.”

After speaking, they both laughed at the same time and then went into action.

Their voices have already allowed them to identify each other’s hiding place.

Facing each other once again, the battle of life and death still continues, but once they turned around, they can only see their own reflection in each other’s eyes. (They don’t have the intention to kill)

They gazed at each other.

“Not as good as…” Chu Ye raised her lips and smiled. “Let’s kiss!”

“Not a bad suggestion.” 001’s expression was slightly one of laughter.

Their lips mutually touched, and sparks flew.

It was like they had waited a thousand years just for this moment.

The initially gentle, shallow kiss soon turned into a wildly passionate kiss…

Who could say that when they first decided to kiss, they did not plan to seize the opportunity to kill the other?

However, in the end, they didn’t do anything,

They both forgot their original intentions!

The kiss made them muddle-headed, the kiss lasted forever, the kiss… Both of them were running out of oxygen so they reluctantly parted.

But, after one second, they were once again entangled together…

If it wasn’t for these past few days that have exhausted their energy, they wouldn’t mind mixing into each other here at night.


“What is your greatest wish?”

“Have 100 handsome and talented boyfriends. You?”

“Marry a good wife.”


The two leaned against each other and whispered their wishes to the other.

“That was only my former wish.” Chu Ye didn’t know why she corrected herself.

“What about now?”

“Marry a good husband.”

001 laughed.

Two hearts that have been wild and crazy for a long time suddenly became calm and incomparably serene.

A breeze blew gently, and the time passed by quietly.

“Can you walk?” 001’s voice lacked its former coldness.

“No.” 007’s voice sounded more delicate than before. “You carry me.”

Thus, in the silent forest, there was such a wonderful scenery. The moment before, they were opponents attempting to kill one another, but now, they have become intimate and resemble lovers who were unwilling to part with each other.

The world acted in many mysterious ways.

Unknowingly, night had fallen.

Both of them rested again for a while and ate some of their rations. They wanted to continue on their way and walk out of the forest as soon as possible, but their attention was attracted by the green lights that were dozens of meters away.

The two looked at each other and couldn’t help but suck in a breath. Those green lights were clearly a pair of hungry and thirsty eyes.

001 subconsciously held onto Chu Ye’s hand. “Don’t be afraid.”

Chu Ye laughed. “You think I’m a little girl? It is only a few wolves. This is not enough to scare me.”

But after she had spoken, she immediately regretted it.

Because there were suddenly dozens of pairs of green wolf eyes, and the number was still continuously increasing.

They disastrously encountered a wolf pack.

Although wolves were afraid of fire, fire at night will only attract the larger and fiercer beasts of the forests, and the situation would grow even more out of control.

The two looked at each other, communicating silently. Then they quickly turned around, ran, and fled.

Their speed was definitely not slower than the wolves.

“Awooo…” The wolf pack immediately rushed to chase after them, occasionally letting out a sharp howl as if they were calling for their own kind.

After all, the forest was the territory of the wild animals.

After chasing for half an hour, Chu Ye and 001 were finally surrounded by dozens of hungry wolves.

The two did not panic.

When confronted with unexpected situations, they were still calm and level-headed because the best response is decided in the shortest time. This was the most basic condition for being a special agent or hitman.

They held sharp daggers and leaned back against each other. At this moment, they became the most trusted partners.

“One! Two! Three!” After three counts, the two were like agile leopards, savagely rushing to the nearest wolf.

This was the start of the bloody battle between men and beasts.

After dozens of minutes, the wolves were injured and killed, but Chu Ye and 001 were also not unscathed. They were covered in blood, but one couldn’t tell whether the blood on their bodies was theirs or the wolves’.

Their past few days of battling each other have exhausted them so their hand strength and speed were not as good as one-third of those in their best condition. If not, how can mere dozens of wolves hurt them?

“Ah…” Chu Ye was in the middle of killing the last wolf when the wolf, who in the face of death, bit her right thigh and took off a large chunk of flesh. She tried to restrain her cry.

The bone can already be seen from the wound, and the blood was gushing out like a spring.

“007…” 001 distressingly called out. He quickly dashed to Chu Ye’s side, took out his last bottle of medicine and sprinkled it on her wound. He then took off his clothes and skillfully wrapped around the injury to staunch the bleeding. All these took only 30 seconds.

Chu Ye already had a deathly white complexion and pained look with cold sweat pouring down on her face. She wanted to give 001 a grateful smile, but when she saw the two pairs of big copper-like, sinister eyes behind 001, her body stiffened.

“Go, go quickly…” Chu Ye used what was left of her strength to push 001 away. “Don’t worry about me, just go…”

As the SS-level hitman 001, he was naturally clever enough not to look back. He grabbed Chu Ye, carried her on his back, and exerted all his strength to desperately rush forward and run away.

Chu Ye felt deeply moved because even in the most dangerous moments, he did not leave her.

However, looking back at the two 3-meter tall tigers fiercely chasing after them, she understood for the first time in her life what true desperation felt like.

“001, let me down, let me down. You know that the ones chasing us are two tigers…” If he continued to carry her, neither of them would live.

“I know.” These two resolute words expressed his truest heart. “That’s why I cannot abandon you.”

His words were always so simple, yet so heartfelt.

Chu Ye didn’t say anything anymore. She wrapped her hands around 001’s neck and couldn’t help but accept it. There was a seed of happiness in her, instantly warming her heart which had been cold for the past 21 years.

Even though death was near, she openly laughed.

In this life, she had no regrets!

The explosive power of 001 was amazing. After a short time, the two tigers surprisingly could not catch up to them.

Soon, in front of them was no longer the forest, but a river with rapid currents.

“We are saved.” 001’s eyes creased and twinkled.

However, unexpectedly, Chu Ye took the remaining dagger from his waist and slid down from his back.

“You go first.” Chu Ye once again took a long look at 001. The last of her saved energy burst out of her as she violently pushed 001 to the river.

“No…” A big wave hit. It was too late for 001 to get a glimpse of Chu Ye as the rapids swept him towards the depths of the river.

Chu Ye turned and faced the two ferocious tigers that had already rushed over, holding the dagger and looking loftily dignified.

From what she knew, the tiger knew how to swim so she just stayed in place.

Just to give 001 time to swim to the other side.

“Hey! Hey!” With two heaven-shaking roars, the two tigers pounced towards Chu Ye with their fangs bared.

Even if she had to sacrifice her life.

She never imagined that one day she would die like this, body devoured by wild beasts and pain leaving her numb.

However, when she was about to lose the last trace of consciousness, she saw a tall, panting figure rushing out of the river and hysterically shouting: “007… You’re not allowed to die yet…”

Why did you come back?

Don’t you know that returning was only a dead end?

“Fool…you’re a fool!” Chu Ye exposed her last bit of helplessness in this life and gave a bitter laugh.


Today was Chu Ye’s seventh day as Agent 007.

Translator’s Notes:

Chu Ye, how can you still have the time to fall in love with your enemy while you were busy trying to kill him? But they’re so sweet. I want to ship them, but it was over just when it was beginning. And the ending… We’re just in the prologue, but I already want to hit someone. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノI wonder what happened to 001?

The author likes to use the “ultimate showdown” when describing their battle every time. It sounds kinda corny when translated into English so I sometimes changed it.

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