CGSA Chapter 19/20

Hello, everyone. I apologize for the late update. The next one will also be late and will be posted on either Tuesday or Wednesday (cuz that's the start of our break). Also, for some reason, chapter 19 was skipped. I just indicated it like this. This is the same with chapter 22. Chapter 19/20: Do … Continue reading CGSA Chapter 19/20


CGSA Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Little Nouveau Riche Boy Needless to say, it was forbidden by Boling Canglan or Boling Feiwu. As she was immersed in her thoughts, Chu Ye was suddenly attracted by a very eye-catching plaque in front of her. "Human and Beast Fighting Ground!" Five bloody characters were filled with fierce vitality. When people … Continue reading CGSA Chapter 18