CGSA Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Yes, he had long prepared himself for Chu Ye’s rejection. But he didn’t think that Chu Ye would do so this bluntly. She didn’t give him any leeway at all. He believed that Chu Ye also held favorable feelings towards him. Only, her like for him wasn’t deep enough for them to discuss … Continue reading CGSA Chapter 99

CGSA Chapter 98

Chapter 98 “Me too. I also want to go.” It was Huan Cheng who had just returned. He seemed to have had a good harvest today, judging from his bursting waist purse, which had been completely empty this morning. “Ok then. Let’s all go together.” Chu Ye never acted shy or embarrassed when around friends. … Continue reading CGSA Chapter 98

CGSA Chapter 97

Changes in Terms: (again >_<) Nine-Layer Heavenly Pagoda -> Nine-Tiered Heavenly Pagoda Star-Absorbing Array -> Astral-Absorbing Array Chapter 97 Seeing Chu Ye fall increasingly faster, Xiao Yin really wanted to speed up its descent too. Even though it couldn’t rescue its master from this situation, it still wanted to act as its master’s meat cushion, … Continue reading CGSA Chapter 97

CGSA Chapter 94

Edit: godly beast -> divine beast Chapter 94 "This is?" Lu Shi's gaze shifted to the man beside Chu Ye, sizing him up. “This is Huan Cheng, a friend of mine,” introduced Chu Ye. Huan Cheng took a step forward and courteously greeted her. “Hello, Auntie!” However, because he had just lost his honored father, … Continue reading CGSA Chapter 94